Capital is connected.
Capital is connected.

Capital Circle is a curated online investment platform that offers premium investment opportunities for potential investors. We helped them craft a robust, versatile, and easily manageable platform, all while maintaining compliance with government regulations.

Can an investment platform handle deep complexity and regulation but be simple to use?

Capital Circle needed to connect online investments in a niche market and integrate several external third-party API’s while also being compliant with government regulations.

They chose us because of our existing experience building a robust, online investment platform for these types of investments in an online marketplace. We worked closely with Sachs Capital Group in the design and workflow of the new website.

Michelle Sibley - CFO

The final product was built on the most up to date platform to speed customization and a robust API for plugging in third party API’s. A large part of our engagement was normalizing data and configuring ways to get predictable results while hooking into unfinished and unpredictable third party APIs. Investment opportunities needed to be listed easily while allowing data customization.

Capital Circle successfully launched the platform and simplified the investment process for their customers while handling the multitude of complexities hidden in the background… all while remaining in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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