Technology is personal.
Technology is personal.

SHADE is the first laboratory-grade wearable device that measures ultraviolet radiation in a way that is meaningful to patients. Spartan focused primarily on creating an impactful and effective UX for their mobile app connected to the device.

Can an app adapt to the time of day to add value to a connected device?

SHADE needed an app that would change and adapt in a way that made it easy to use for patients suffering from illnesses related to outdoor exposure. The sensor connects seamlessly to a smartphone so patients can access their cumulative UV exposure and share data with other patients and physicians. It was critical to SHADE that all graphic elements and activities were consistent with the brand already in place.

They chose us because of our deep experience in outcomes-based design: user testing, validation, workflows, critical paths, interaction and visual language. Results from these and other processes provide an experience that is not only visually appealing, but is fully tested and validated for usability prior to launch.

Emmanuel - Founder

SHADE was able release this product with the confidence that it lived up to the revolutionary nature of the hardware it was connected to. Even though the underlying requirements were complex, the end result ensured that patients would be able to improve their own outcomes.

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